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Definition of a Car Accident

An accident is the sudden, unexpected, and unintentional hit of the insured car by an object causing material damages and/or bodily injuries. under such circumstances, your insurers will intervene

Any claim raised and caused by the insured himself to his person or his property is not covered by any form of insurance.

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What to do in case of a car accident

1. call your insurance broker
2. call a road accident expert (the list of names or a hotline must be provided with your insurance policy)
3. if your car doesn't run anymore, call the towing company to pick up your car.
4. Declare the accident to your insurers.

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FIRE INSURANCE | What is the best way to assess my Property's contents

Things we use in our properties are usually fully depreciated but still working very well; for example, you might be working on a 4 years old PC but still it is doing just fine. if you loose it due to a covered claim, insurers will not refund more that $150 for such an old machine when you will have to buy a new one for not less that $1000. Based on this example, you will find yourself facing a huge loss and the indemnity paid by your insurance company is not even 50% of your actual loss. The best way to avoid such a loss is to provide a list of contents with replacement values for each item in your property. Insurers must approve it and bind it to the fire contract. by doing so, you will benefit from an accurate indemnity in case of a covered claim.

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What is Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is a commitment from the insurer, against a paid annual premium, to settle the hospitalisation bills due to accidental or natural causes. The basic plan covers expenses occuring In Hospitals and ER rooms. the coverage can be extended to cover Out Patient (Laboratories, Xray, MRI, Physical Therapy....) and Prescription Medicine.